It is recommended to you before using TSI services to first understand the terms and conditions that apply. The following are the terms and conditions for any use of the services from TSI. By using our services, you have understood and agreed and are bound by and subject to all the terms and conditions listed below.
  1. It is recommended to each sender to always confirm prior confirmation of TSI
  2. Lartas line goods are expected to use durable packaging and gunny sack
  3. Especially for glassware or liquid-filled goods, it is advisable to use wooden packing or crates on all sides. Any leakage or damage incurred in the goods outside the responsibility of TSI.
  4. Each one box is only allowed to contain one type of goods.
  5. Every item is sent please to be equipped with the attached documents in the form of invoices and packing list.
  6. Each box should be coated with a sack before being shipped to a Chinese warehouse.
  7. The weight of goods shipped should not be more than 600 kilograms.
  8. Items weighing more than 600 kilograms will be charged an additional volume of 0.1 cbm/200 kilograms.


  1. The price of freight by air line amounted to Rp. 175.000/Kilogram
  2. Bags and shoes sent through the official line are subject to a surcharge of Rp. 1,000,000/CBM
  3. Branded items such as Nike, Adidas, Gucci, LV, Apple, Samsung and others, are subject to an additional charge of Rp. 250.000/CBM
  4. The shipping price includes customs clearance, taxes, documents and shipments from the China warehouse to your address in the Jakarta and surrounding areas.
  5. No additional charges are deliberately hidden by TSI.
  6. The shipping price is not binding and is subject to change at any time, every letter of stipulation and statement we make.
  7. Items that suffered damage from the Huru hara, natural disasters, sea water, packing is not suitable, which is outside the responsibility of TSI must remain paid for the delivery cost.
  8. The cost of shipping the goods remains the responsibility of the customer if the goods are lost no more than 0.5 cbm.
  9. Freight charges will be waived if the risk of loss exceeds 0.5 cbm.

it works

  1. Payment to suppliers in China can be done via TSI
  2. Payment is mandatory if the goods have arrived in Jakarta warehouse, before sending to you


  1. Estimated delivery of goods is for 4-5 weeks.
  2. Estimated delivery of official lines for 3-4 weeks
  3. Goods whose destination address outside of Jakarta and its surrounding areas, will be sent through the services of local expeditions of your choice or our recommendation.
  4. In case of Import restriction or prohibition (red light), you must wait until the entire process is complete. You are not entitled to pressure, claim damages for the model left behind, goods that are damaged due to low quality, penalties and so on.
  5. You must confirm receipt via email or Whatsapp when the item is received in a Chinese warehouse. Together with confirmation, you are deemed to have consented to the content, amount, size, weight and value of the goods.
  6. TSI uses the receipt confirmed by the customer as a guideline for the determination of expedition fees and insurance claims.
  7. Unconfirmed items will not be sent.


  1. Any item shipped using TSI will get insurance of Rp. 20.000.000/CBM
  2. If the value of goods exceeds Rp. 20.000.000/CBM, customers can purchase additional insurance at a cost of 1% of the value of the goods.
  3. Additional insurance cannot be purchased when the item is in the delivery process
  4. Insurance cover covers lost goods in accordance with delivery receipts, confiscation of goods by customs and sunken vessels.
  1. TSI reserves the right to reject items that are not and in accordance with the provisions.
  2. TSI is not responsible if the contents of the goods do not match the packing list
  3. Damage to the goods due to natural disasters, exposed to sea water or huru hara outside of TSI responsibilities
  4. Packages containing drugs are deemed to not conform to the packing list and become the sole responsibility of the customer, including to be dealt with in accordance with applicable law.
  5. TSI is not responsible for any risks that occur due to the late goods taken by the customer.
  1. Warehouse in Guangzhou and Yiwu holidays every Sunday
  2. You must immediately receive the goods if you have obtained information from us that the package has arrived in Jakarta.
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Pengiriman barang dari China ke Indonesia lewat jasa Trade Service International sangat secara keseluruhan puas banget. Pelayanannya sangat baik, barang sampai dengan selamat sampai ke alamat tujuan. Dan yang paling saya suka dari Trade Service International ini adalah harganya Termurah se-Indonesia loh,…



Saya merasa senang dengan pelayanan terbaik yang diberikan oleh Trade Service International sejauh ini, saya senang karena barang yang dikirim oleh rekan saya di China sampai dengan selamat dan tanpa ada kerusakan ke tempat saya di Jakarta, Indonesia. Padahal barang yang dikirim oleh rekan saya itu adalah keramik antik yang mudah pecah jika tidak hati-hati saat pengiriman. Konfirmasi saya lewat Email setelah barang datang juga direspon dengan cepat oleh pihak ekspedisi Trade Service International, Thanks Trade Service International…..




Susah banget cari jasa pengiriman yang terpercaya dan menerima LCL dari china langsung ke Indonesia, untung aja ada temen yang rekomendasiin Trade Service International, langsung coda deh, eh ternyata pelayanan nya professional dan harganya juga bersahabat. Sangat merekomendasikan jasa pengiriman ini, sangat terpercaya, yang paling penting pengurusannya mudah banget, ga ribet. Thanks Trade Service International, saya yakin pasti refin bakal sukses klo kayak gini pelayanannya!





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